Bravura Piano Studio

Bravura Piano Studio provides private piano lessons for beginners through early advanced in Pacifica, California.

I help people to move from creating sound to making music. My goal is to make learning an exciting experience and develop a deep, lifelong affinity for music.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
Hans Christian Andersen



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Bravura is an Italian term that means boldness, spirit, dexterity, and dash. We all need a good sprinkle of that in our lives.

Child Piano Lessons

Young students enjoy piano lessons in the studio, where we promote a love of music and personal development.


Adult Piano Lessons

Many adults find piano lessons give them a sense of personal growth and stress relief and some discover a talent for humming and singing to the music.


Music Theory Lessons

Theory lessons are important in providing a better understanding of the vital components that make up music.


Mila Stroganoff


Mila Stroganoff

In Montreal, Canada, I taught in the public schools as well as in my home studio, both private and group lessons. When I moved to San Francisco I established a piano studio there.

Now in the Linda Mar area of Pacifica , my home studio is a quiet place that lends itself to the study of piano and theory lessons.

I am always reminded what it feels like to be a student when trying something for the first time. Whether it is a dance or a new piece that I am trying to learn to play, I have similar difficulties as does every child or adult that is taking piano lessons with me. But I prevail, and I hope that you will too.


“Mila Stroganoff is a wonderful piano teacher. She is very encouraging and positive.” G.S.


“My 6 year old daughter just started to learn playing the piano with Mila and so far she loves it! Mila is very encouraging and patient and knows how to make it a valuable learning experience for her. Thank you!” K.N.


“My daughter has been attending Mila’s class for two months now and she is motivated to practice piano daily! We are very happy with the content and style of Mila’s instruction.”


Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

If you want to get answers and information about any of our services, or simply want to know more about me and my approach, get in touch now.


Telephone: 650-359-1642